Welcome to Katie May Cakes!

This is my little paradise. A place to relax, and to share my baking adventures.

On this site you can find tips, tricks and tutorials, as well as some of my favourite recipes. I am currently on the journey of improving my baking and decorating skills, so I hope to share with you all that I learn; afterall, the world can never have enough cake! Checkout the gallery for pictures of my creations - I hope they make you hungry! 

If you'd like to contact me for any reason at all, please email me at katiemaycakes[at]gmail.com or you can message me on Facebook (katiemaycakes) or Twitter (@katiemaycakes).

About KMC

Since I was little I have been known by my family as Katie May (thanks to my Granddad!). When I started to bake age four my creations were immediately nicknamed Katie May Cakes. You can find out a little more history (and some pretty horrendous photographs) here!

Tutorials & Recipes

My baking repertoire started out with a single Victoria Sponge recipe. Over the years this repertoire has grown, and continues to grow still. I just love to experiment with different flavours! Be sure to check out both the recipes and tutorials sections and let me know if there's anything that you would like me to create!

Taste Testers

Kate’s cupcakes are works of art, inside and out. They look far too beautiful to eat, but taste far too wonderful not to. The only solution is to take another and see how long you can resist it...


Mike Lawrence

When Kate brings a new batch of cakes in to work I really try not to eat any, but always fail miserably.


Steve Stoner

Your cakes taste beautiful, creamy and soft! Always satisfied without fail. I love the creamy ones and the spongy ones :D They satisfy all taste buds and always make you want to go back for more even if you have eaten too much and feel sick :D


George Kesta

Last year Kate baked 40 delicious cupcakes for my son’s first birthday party.  Not only did they look amazing, with beautiful icing and colourful decoration but they tasted fab! I’m only sorry that they didn’t last long enough for me to get a photo of them.  Roll on his 2nd birthday for more of Kate's cake! 


Sonia Lawrence